How do I request a feature or share my feedback?

There are two simple ways to share your feedback or ask for a feature:

  1. Go to flashtex.app/feature-request and let us know your ideas.
  2. Send us an email to flashtex@kruschel.dev
I bought Flashtex Unlimited but it’s not showing up on any other device.

You only need and only can buy Flashtex Unlimited once per Apple ID. Just make sure that you are logged in with the same Apple ID on all devices, go to the purchase screen and click “Restore Purchase”.

Why are my flashcards not synced?

If you have issues with the iCloud sync, the steps below may help.

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Make sure iCloud is enabled on your iOS device and Mac
  • Make sure iCloud Drive is also enabled
  • Make sure all your devices use the same Apple ID and are logged in
  • Make sure there is enough free space on your device & in your iCloud account
  • Restart your iOS device or Mac and make sure, that you’re logged into iCloud
  • Force-quit the app (on iOS/iPadOS or macOS) and relaunch it
  • Log out of your iCloud account and log back in
  • Give it some time…

In case you want to reinstall Flashtex, you may want to export your decks as a Flashtex Deck File first and import it again later, so no changes are lost.

How can I print my flashcards?
  1. Go to the list of flashcards in a deck
  2. Click “View all cards”
  3. Click the printer icon in the top right
What are flags?

You can “flag” cards while studying, to remind you to fix an error later or to revise that card again.

Flags get automatically removed after a few hours, if you edit that card or if you study that card again.

Flagged cards get marked with ! in the cards list.

What’s the difference between reference and tags? How can they be used?

The main difference is that tags are meant to be reused across cards and references not (of course you can use them however you want).

  • You can use tags to group cards (i.e. “Chapter 1”, “Definition”) and select those tags in the “Study with options” menu.
  • With the reference field you always know where you got that information from. You could for example reference a page or even better a chapter+section (i.e. “Definition 3.4.1”) in your lecture notes.
How can I format text on my cards?

You can do this with markdown in Flashtex.

Something else? Send an email to flashtex@kruschel.dev.